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January 12, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 1

Diversity Is Theme of Program Honoring Martin Luther King

NIH Trainee Vargas Named Rhodes Scholar

NIAID Dedicates Room in Wolff's Memory

NIH Lactation Program Opens in Natcher

'IntraMall' Event Draws Crowd

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Late Fall Heat Wave
Lively Debate Warms ACD Meeting

By Rich McManus

Last month's meeting of the advisory committee to the NIH director was a lot like the unusual weather the week it was conducted -- a tad hotter than anyone expected. While it included, early in the agenda, a winning synopsis of progress in the Human Genome Project delivered by NHGRI director Dr. Francis Collins, who reviewed the ambitious scope of the institute's new 5-year plan, the next two topics -- plans for an "NIH Academy," including a degree-granting graduate school, and a revisiting of last summer's Institute of Medicine report on priority-setting at NIH -- provoked passions around the table. Deliberations were further enlivened Dec. 3 by the presence of special invitees including Katherine Graham, chair of the Washington Post executive committee.
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NEI Exhibit Informs, Delights Visitors

Children check their peripheral vision at NEI's traveling VISION exhibit.

What NIH program has visited 17 United States cities since 1993? What has attracted more than 3.1 million visitors? What is educational, fun and enjoyed by both children and adults?

Step to the head of the class if you said the National Eye Institute's traveling exhibit. This display, called VISION, continues to draw strong crowds in museums and other locations across the country.

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