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February 9, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 3

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ADR Pilot Success Prompts Permanent Post
Seasoned Mediator Gadlin
Tackles NIH Ombuds Office

By Carla Garnett

But for the staff, there's not much in the new Bldg. 31 suite of the NIH Office of the Ombudsman. The freshly painted bare walls and sparse furnishings could be a metaphor for policy: Visitors will find no preconceived notions or judgments within these doors; beginning here, at this blank slate as it were, common ground is sought. So far, at least, there are precious few clues about what to expect. Enter the ombuds' inner sanctum, however, and you encounter a 4-foot inflatable figure of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" standing deskside — its dramatic expression of despair far less a harbinger of bad times than a humorous reminder of what alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can in most cases help avoid. And if you miss the subtlety of that message, on a nearby table lies a bumper sticker whose words leave no doubt, "Don't Litigate, MEDIATE."

M O R E . . .

Loves Genetics, Adrenaline
The Adventurous Life of
Dolph Lee Hatfield

By Rich McManus

NCI's Dr. Dolph Hatfield in a calm moment at his Bldg. 37 office. His preferred attire is a race driver's jumpsuit.

Adventure comes into peoples' lives in many ways, sometimes bidden, sometimes pointblank. There is a cancer researcher in Bldg. 37 who carefully builds it into his life, documenting it and savoring it, planning for it and grooming it like some baroque bonsai. Chances are that if an activity whitens knuckles, induces nausea, prompts a spouse to issue ultimatums, or causes insurance rates to skyrocket, Dr. Dolph Lee Hatfield will have already been there, done that.

M O R E . . .