The NIH Record

June 1, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 11

U.S. Treasurer Withrow
Launches 1999 Savings Bond Drive

Economics Nobelist Sen
To Give Director's Cultural Lecture

Construction Crane Takes Tumble, Does Little Damage

Locksmith System Gets Update

NICHD's Clemens
Appointed IVI Director

Hands-On Demonstrations
Highlight 'Take Your Child
to Work' Day

Health Center Coming
to Executive Blvd.

'Topping Out' Milestone
for Bldg. 50

NIH Marks National Police Week with Luncheon, Exhibits

Work in Progress

News Briefs




Study Subjects Sought

Final Photo

U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services

National Institutes of Health

NIH Record Archives

Children's Art Graces
CRC Construction Fence

By Rich McManus

Photos by Ernie Branson

Student artists cut ribbon opening
fence art project around CRC.

What getting a paper published in a major journal is to a scientist, what landing a fellowship in a prestigious laboratory is to a postdoc, what winning an NIH Director's Award is to an employee here — these successes approximate the pride exhibited by a dozen or so youngsters who visited NIH Apr. 30 for the official unveiling of their artworks, which now grace a small fraction of the extensive construction fencing around the new Clinical Research Center. Twenty colorful illustrations, selected from a pool of some 100 contributions from kids, now decorate a 50-foot segment of the fencing, hinting at the esteem art will have in the new hospital.
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Fruit of Recent Retreat
Nabel Outlines Plans for Vaccine Center

By Rich McManus

Dr. Gary Nabel, new director of the Vaccine Research Center, compared the VRC organizational structure — a recent invention of his — to both a company with a board of directors and to University of Michigan football at an hour-long presentation before NIH's AIDS vaccine research committee (AVRC) on May 5.
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