The National Zoo is home to hundreds of birds from all over the world. Since birds are an integral part of virtually every ecosystem, it's not surprising that birds are all over the Zoo, too, as residents and visitors.

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Kiwi Egg Update

Egg found to be infertile.

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Watching a flock of flamingos: There are about 60 birds in the National Zoo's flamingo flock, some of which have been living at the Zoo since 1965! Three chicks hatched in June. Flamingos turn pink as a result of brine-shrimp in their diet, and chicks develop pink feathers between one and two years of age.
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The majority of the Zoo's birds live in the beautiful, sanctuary-like Bird House but birds are also scattered throughout other exhibits. Many wild birds also call the Zoo home, find out which wild birds have been seen at the National Zoo this month.

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