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April 6, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 7

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Michigan's Nabel To Head VRC

Dr. Gary Nabel

That new Vaccine Research Center director Dr. Gary Nabel's name is spelled almost like Nobel only seems to magnify the hope placed in him and the center being built for a staff of almost 100 workers he will name following his arrival from the University of Michigan on Apr. 11. It took nearly 2 years to find a VRC director, and NIH authorities are confident they found a good one.
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Mark Earth Day 1999 by Recycling

Take a quick glance around your office. If you're like most people, your eyes will fall on paper, lots of it. Some is stacked on your desk or side table, including memos, old mail, letters and reports you probably haven't looked at in a year. Even more paper is stashed away in file cabinets, entombed, for all practical purposes, never again to see the light of day.
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