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May 4, 1999
Vol. LI, No. 9

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Holland's Huizing Cuts Swath Through Maryland Athletics

By Rich McManus

NICHD's Dr. Marjan Huizing

It may come as a surprise to learn that the first language of the Maryland state women's biathlon, cyclocross and cycling champion is not English, but Frisian. But that's only natural for a woman born 31 years ago in a little farming town in the north of Holland. That's where Dr. Marjan Huizing and her little sister would pedal an hour back and forth to school each day from age 6 to 18.
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Results Explain Mysterious Irish Malady
Genetic Mutations Discovered That Define a New Family of Inflammatory Diseases

By Kelli Carrington

An international team of researchers has discovered genetic mutations underlying a newly recognized group of inherited inflammatory disorders. These illnesses, one of which was first described in a family of Irish and Scottish descent, are characterized by dramatic, sometimes month-long episodes of high fever, severe pain in the abdomen, chest, or joints, skin rash, and inflammation in or around the eyes. Some patients also develop a potentially fatal complication called amyloidosis, a disease in which there is deposition of a blood protein in vital organs.
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