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School and Childcare Vaccination Surveys
Results for childcare, kindergarten, and middle school

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Surveys / Reports

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Overview of School and Childcare Vaccination Survey

These state-based surveys are the primary source of information on vaccination coverage of children in childcare, kindergarten, and middle school...

State laws require that children be immunized if they attend a childcare facility and when they enter school. Immunization records of children entering school are reviewed each fall. In addition, states conduct studies to validate reports from schools. Results from these studies are used to ensure high vaccination levels in the population of children enrolled in schools. Periodic assessments also are conducted in childcare facilities. A summary of the results of coverage in children schools, childcare centers and Head Start programs is reported to the National Immunization Program (NIP), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In many states, audits are performed to validate the school entry survey. Consequently, school entry surveys should reflect an accurate picture of the immunization levels of children entering school. The levels reported are high (usually greater than 95%) but do not indicate whether the children received vaccine at the most appropriate time. Similar surveys are conducted in licensed day care centers and among children who are enrolled in the Head Start Program.

Also, see these Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report logo related articles:

  • Vaccination Coverage Among Children Enrolled in Head Start Programs, Licensed Child Care Facilities, and Entering School -- United States, 2000-01 School Year
    Source: MMWR March 7, 2003 / 52(09);175-180

  • Vaccination Coverage Among Children Enrolled in Head Start Programs and Licensed Child Care Centers and Entering School -- United States and Selected Reporting Areas, 1999-2000
    Source: MMWR October 5, 2001 / 50(SS39);847-855

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Grantee Immunization Information Overview

Grantee Immunization Information provides a central location for accessing information about activities and accomplishments for 64 immunization grantees (50 States, 6 urban areas, and 8 Territories).

You can view individual grantee reports such as:

  • Annual Progress Reports*
  • Vaccines for Children (VFC) Annual Reports*
  • Perinatal Hepatitis B Annual Reports*
  • Results from adult and child vaccination coverage surveys and school entry immunization requirements for individual grantees*

In addition, you can query the reports to obtain summary information for all grantees.

* Please note the following:

  • All information included in the Annual Progress Reports, VFC Annual Reports, Perinatal Hepatitis B Annual Reports, and school entry immunization requirements are self reported by the immunization grantee and are not verified.

  • The questions included in the annual surveys may change over time. Therefore, some information may not be available for every year.

Technical Assistance:

  • The reporting pages are best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5+ or Netscape version 6+. Use of an older version or a different browser might be problematic. If you do experience any technical difficulties, please contact the technical support for this page at Tech Help.

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