8th Annual Oxford International Conference
on the Science of Botanicals

The purpose of the conferences is to review, discuss, and explore methods for determining the identity, purity, quality, and processing of plants, commonly known as botanicals. Here, the topics generally include, issues such as authentication, cultivation, collection and post-harvest practices for producing quality plant material and chemical, toxicological methods for quality/safety assessment that lead to the preclinical evaluation of the botanicals. Contributed presentations, both oral and poster, are invited. Each session will open with a plenary speaker outlining the current approaches, limitations, and research needs of the topic area. Speakers will be leading researchers from industry, academia, nonprofit institutions, and government.

Topics Include:

  • Cultivation, Collection and Post Harvest Practices to Produce Quality Botanical Material
  • Authentication, Identification and Purity of Botanicals
  • Approaches Toward Establishing the Safety and Quality of Botanicals
  • Regulatory Aspects for Safety Assessment of Botanical Products
  • Traditional system of Indian medicine

Abstract Submission and Early Registration Discount Deadline December 12th, 2008

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