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Health Marketing Report 2008

Health Marketing for a Healthier Nation and a Healthier World

Health marketing strives to communicate health information and to market intervention products in ways that genuinely motivate people, using social and behavioral sciences and the scientific fields of health promotion, health and risk communication, and social marketing. By drawing on the expertise in all these disciplines, health information can be made more accessible and customer-centric. Health marketing enables people to find health information and interventions when and where they need them, and engage with them on a more personal level. Furthermore, advancements in technology – such as mobile devices, streaming media, and Web-based communications – have created tremendous opportunities for those in health marketing to produce innovative message delivery strategies using these new technologies.

Health Marketing Mattters Report 2008 coverCDC is leading the way in creating health information and interventions that are "people-centered" and technologically advanced. To understand the breadth of CDC's work in health marketing, we are highlighting some of our agency's success stories in the 2008 Health Marketing Matters Report: "Health Marketing for a Healthier Nation and a Healthier World"

By following the principles of health marketing and utilizing the tremendous potential of new technologies, CDC inspires people to make good health choices and share their enthusiasm with others.

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