United States Department of Veterans Affairs
United States Department of Veterans Affairs


Job Benefits

What Can VA Offer Me?

VA needs special people to help us maintain our tradition of excellence. We know that we'll have to compete with other employers to attract them. We also know that our kind of people become more valuable over time. To keep them with us we have to offer them a truly superior compensation and benefits package.

What's So Special About Working for VA?

How does unmatched control over your own life and career path sound? We're simply the most flexible, diverse, and family friendly employer there is. When you work for the VA, you'll be entitled to a lifetime's worth of opportunities, benefits, and satisfactions. You'll be doing a job that's truly worthwhile. And you'll have a myriad of choices and options you can't find anywhere else. You see, VA takes care of its employees as well as we take care of our veterans.

We're offering competitive pay and a truly superior array of benefits for you and your family. Your goals will be our goals, and your family will become part of our family. We're the best at what we do, because our people make us the best. We value each and every one of them, and we show them our appreciation in all sorts of exciting and tangible ways.

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