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March 10, 1998
Vol. L, No. 5

Civil Rights Movement's Health Activists Remembered

New Exhibit Probes Many Lives of NLM Site

FAES School Gets New Dean

NIH Computer Training Begins Third Decade

Safe Computing
in Unsafe Times

Tabors Win Mentoring Award

Schlessinger Establishes
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Not So Ancient After All
Trees Recycled for Navy, Parks Restoration Projects

By Rich McManus

While President's Day (Feb. 16) was a holiday for most federal employees, it marked the end of the road for two large, old white oak trees on the former Wilson estate, which were cut down to make way for construction associated with the new Clinical Research Center. In an irony of the calendar, one of the trees dated back some 192 years to post-Revolutionary times, when Thomas Jefferson was in the midst of his White House tenure. Both timbers are slated for reuse in historical exhibits.
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Biotechnology Infiltrates
Science Curriculum

By Sharon Ricks

In a biology laboratory 3 miles from Spingarn High School, 10th grader Marvin Bethea watches as a sharp lancet dives into his middle finger, and a drop of blood appears. Under a binocular compound microscope, erythrocytes, leukocytes, and neutrophils emerge 400 times their normal size. Marvin counts the odd doughnut shapes, and with the help of an instructor learns why some cells have a nucleus and others don't.
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