The NIH Record

April 7, 1998
Vol. L, No. 7

Chesney Suggests New
Ways of Thinking
About Women's Health

Where in the
Human Brain Is...?

Cadet Kicks Off 4th 'Science Working for Us' Series

Portrait of Fielding Hudson Garrison Graces NLM
Reading Room

New Day Care Facility
To Be Built

Diversity Council Sets
Goals for 1998

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Study Subjects Sought

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'Biggest and Best' of the Feds
On Heels of Success, Tech Transfer Community Thinks Ahead

By Carla Garnett

Maybe it was March Madness, but the recent all-day retreat held by NIH's technology transfer community had much of the flavor of a sports team meeting or training camp, including a talk by the team's general manager, in this case, NIH director Dr. Harold Varmus.
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OER Unveils NIH Reinventing
Government Agenda for FY 1998

By MaryJo Hoeksema

The "reinventing government" movement is alive and prospering at NIH. Proof of its vitality was evident at a recent meeting of the extramural program management committee (EPMC), where Dr. Wendy Baldwin, NIH deputy director for extramural research, and Geoffrey Grant, director, Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration, unveiled the NIH extramural reinvention priorities for fiscal year 1998. The presentation highlighted initiatives that the Office of Extramural Research, in partnership with other institutes and centers, has selected this year for development, testing and, in some cases, execution. The goal of each initiative is to reduce administrative burdens, enhance NIH interactions with the research community, and facilitate science.
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