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February 10, 1998
Vol. L, No. 3

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'Dream' Day Not Today
Son Says King Legacy Surviving,
Not Thriving

By Carla Garnett

Martin Luther King III came to NIH on Jan. 16 for a little give and take. One day after stepping into shoes vacated involuntarily by his father nearly 30 years ago, the brand new leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) gave a stirring speech to mark what would have been the elder civil rights leader's 69th birthday. Thanks in large measure to NIH's equal employment opportunity officers, he took with him a clearer image of the world's premier medical research institution and several promises to help SCLC promote NIH's health mission in minority communities.
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Investing in Employees
'Continuous Learning' Leads to Job Contentment, Success

By Carla Garnett

Okay. Pop quiz: What's the most valuable resource at NIH? Don't answer right away. Put some thought into it. Is it the billions of dollars the agency invests each year in medical research? Or maybe you think it's the high-tech computer network system that automates nearly everything from paychecks to prescriptions? Perhaps it's the millions of dollars of lab, hospital and office equipment in each building? Nope. Not even close, according to a business principle motivated by the Quality of Worklife Initiative and being adopted enthusiastically across campus.
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