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December 15, 1998
Vol. L, No. 25

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An 'Endangered Species'
Rosenberg Decries Decline of Physician/Scientist

By Rich McManus

When Dr. Leon Rosenberg came to NIH in 1959 to begin a 6-year stint at the National Cancer Institute's metabolism service, he was a newly minted M.D. who was arriving at the Mecca of his profession: a burgeoning pinnacle of biomedical research crafted largely by the influence of then NIH director Dr. James A. Shannon, a physician/scientist whose "intelligence, vision...and political acumen...produced a powerful magnetism" that attracted Rosenberg, and many others among the best and brightest in medicine in that era, to NIH. "We were all eager to prove we had the right stuff," he recalls.
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Overcoming 'Barriers Beyond Language' Ugarte Takes on New Hispanic Communications Initiative

By Carla Garnett

Carlos Ugarte

Years ago, when Carlos Ugarte was a "young, idealistic health educator" in Miami, he began a field project wherein he would head out into a community armed with a clipboard and what he deemed a well-designed survey. He intended to ask Spanish-speaking folks at hospitals and clinics about their views on cancer, health, health care and other medical service issues. The results would eventually, he hoped, lead to development of better ways to get health messages to the nation's Hispanic population. So, he approached a woman in a waiting room at one of the local hospitals. Enthusiastic about this initiative and about addressing people directly, Ugarte launched into his spiel.
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