The NIH Record

April 21, 1998
Vol. L, No. 8

Astronaut Baker's Talk Inspires NIH Audience

Graeff Named CIO, Will Head Center for Information Technology

Research Festival '98 Preparations Under Way

Medical Arts & Photography Branch To Centralize Reception, Pick-up Areas

Charter Signed for New Campus Group

Mini-Med School Visits Hill

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Who Has Clout in Budget Bouts?
Advocacy Groups Learn How
To Waltz with NIH

By Rich McManus

Some of the biggest, savviest players in the game of winning more funding for health research visited the Natcher Bldg. recently for a STEP module on "Advocacy Groups: Partners in Research." No one made a bigger splash than closing speaker Sam Donaldson, the ABC-TV White House correspondent who dropped in late in the day to embody a megawatt sermon on grabbing attention for your cause by being wildly entertaining (a notion seconded by an ACT UP founder on the program who boasted "I helped take over this campus once."). Money may make Capitol Hill go 'round, suggested a chorus of speakers, but it tends to dog the trail of tears and laughter.
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NIH Pain Symposium
Reinvigorates Field

By Stephanie E. Clipper

NIDR director Dr. Harold Slavkin chairs a panel on systems and imaging.

"It has no future but itself," wrote the poet Emily Dickinson about pain. Fortunately, the future is much brighter following a recent symposium called, "New Directions in Pain Research," held at the Natcher Conference Center.
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