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August 25, 1998
Vol. L, No. 17

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'Hiccoughs Happen'
Plans for Hospital Take Final Shape

By Rich McManus

Final plans for the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center -- a new 850,000-square-foot hospital and lab facility to be grafted onto the north face of the current (and outmoded) Clinical Center -- have been drafted and show a leaner, more elegant and more user-friendly structure than was announced a year ago. Despite a series of minor setbacks, dubbed "hiccoughs" by CRC Project Director Yong-Duk Chyun of the Office of Research Services, the $333 million addition is only a few months behind the original schedule -- time that planners have used to fine-tune everything from complex engineering features to such minutiae as placing commodes in patient rooms so as to achieve more commodious window size.
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Who Ya Gonna Call?
Campus Adopts Universal 911 System for Police, Fire Emergencies

By Carla Garnett

NIH Police Officer Tart Dickerson receives an emergency call.

Employees who work on NIH's Bethesda campus should now call 911 for police, fire and emergency services, according to O.W. Sweat, director of NIH's Division of Public Safety, Office of Research Services. Previously, the campus had its own emergency numbers for such crises, but DPS seeks to reduce confusion that employees, contractors and visitors to the campus may have. As always, NIH police, fire fighters and other emergency staff will respond to on-campus calls. A year-long overlap between the old 115 and 116 systems and the new 911 system will allow everyone to get accustomed to the universal system. Those employees working in off-campus buildings will still need to press "9" before calling 911.
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