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February 24, 1998
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'HOV' Lanes for 'Superhighway'
NIH Joins Next Generation Internet, Internet2 Development Efforts

By Carla Garnett

Almost 30 years old and already the Internet is, well, sluggish sometimes, especially while performing high-speed, high-capacity applications. Try juggling a few large-file sites in the heart of the day, then imagine how long it would take to crunch very large amounts of data for a research project or conduct a virtual reality experiment on the Internet. Add in the ever-increasing popularity of the so-called information superhighway and you easily could find yourself sitting in the mother of all traffic jams. Or worse, maybe you have an interesting new concept with 'Net application, but, anticipating the tie-ups, do not even attempt developing the potentially valuable task. That's what was happening a little more than 2 years ago when some of the country's top universities and science and technology companies teamed up with the government to begin developing two powerful alternatives to the Internet -- the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and Internet2.
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Battey Picked To Direct NIDCD

Dr. James F. Battey, the scientific director at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders for the past 3 years, has been picked by NIH director Dr. Harold Varmus to succeed Dr. James Snow as director of NIDCD. Battey has served as acting director of the institute since Snow's retirement last year.
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