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Washington DC is a beautiful place with a lot of beautiful people in its community. Click on these links to see more images of our city:
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U.S. Capitol Visitor Center
National Capitol Columns
Obama Victory Celebration
Joe Biden Campaigns West Virginia
Lincoln Memorial In Washington DC
United States Capitol Tour
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Washington History begins on the Potomac River - known to many Native Americans as the "Co-hon-ho-roo-ta", to the Spanish as the "Espiritu Santo"; to the first English explorers as the "Elizabeth"; and to Lord Calvert's pilgrims as the "St. Gregory." "Europeans were on the Potomac River in the first half of the 16th century," says Catholic historian Shea. But the earliest explorer who is known to have sailed for any considerable distance up the river was the Spanish admiral, Pedro Memendez, founder of Saint Augustine (1565) and governor of Spain's Florida possessions. He ascended, in 1571, as far as Aquia Creek - possibly as far as Occoquan Creek, about 25 miles below Washington. His departure, in the same year, marks the end of Spanish connection with Potomac history. Read More...

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