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December 1, 1998
Vol. L, No. 24

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'One of Us'
WHO Chief Makes Historic Visit
To NIH, Proposes Partnership

By Carla Garnett

WHO director-general Brundtland
addresses NIH.

No sooner did Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland step down as prime minister of Norway 2 years ago than she was approached for a new assignment by the man she had appointed minister of health. It was just a few weeks following her third term. By then she had led the government for more than 10 years, though not consecutively. The first woman and the youngest person ever to lead the nation, she'd overseen tremendous success: When she left office, Norway had a 5 percent growth rate, inflation was less than 2 percent, the country had no foreign debt and was operating with a substantial budget surplus.
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MobileLab Takes Science for a Spin

By Lori Mulligan

NIH staff recently had an opportunity to board the Boston University MobileLab, a 40-foot-long, custom-built, fully equipped biotechnology learning laboratory on wheels during its visit to campus. The MobileLab takes the NCRR-supported CityLab program on location to middle and high schools and to teachers' conferences in New England and beyond. CityLab challenges students to solve problems by applying the same genetics and molecular biology techniques and concepts used in modern biotechnology laboratories.
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