The NIH Record

September 8, 1998
Vol. L, No. 18

CIT, ICs Team Up to Address
Year 2000 Problem

On-Campus Work
Center Opens

MIT's Lodish Gives
Director's Lecture

NHLBI, PAHO Announce Hypertension Initiative

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Brisk Bldg. 50 Construction
Aided by Quality Planning

By José Alvarado

Workmen pour concrete for basement column.

Construction of the new Consolidated Laboratory Facility, now in its second and final phase, is moving along swiftly thanks to advances in technology and total quality planning that have been adopted as the norm for NIH projects. These elements have made the 5-story structure known as Bldg. 50 -- slated to open in the year 2000 -- a model for state-of-the-art building on campus.
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'With Heart and Commitment'
McShane Uses 'Natural' Strength to Outmuscle Competition

By Carla Garnett

Strongman Justin McShane

At first, Justin McShane's idea of a fun Sunday -- whiling away a few hours in the yard with logs and rocks -- may seem like a completely relaxing, nontaxing amusement. But to get a better handle on his pastime, you have to think way beyond twigs and pebbles: the logs -- some made of metal -- and the rocks -- known as McGlashen stones -- are tools of the strongman world, a world where such implements can weigh upwards of 300 pounds. For weekend kicks, McShane, encouraged by his training partners, tries to raise these heavy burdens off the ground and to shoulder height or overhead. In addition, during the week he spends 12 hours -- 3 hours a day for 4 days -- practicing with free weights in a gym. Sounds like fun, right?
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