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May 5, 1998
Vol. L, No. 9

NIDR Oral Surgeon Brahim Leads Mission to Hanoi

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DASH to GSI Cafeterias
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Rabson Room Dedicated
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'Evidence and Action'
Science of Epidemiology:
More Than Meets the Eye

By Carla Garnett

Dr. Mark Parascandola exhumes smoking debate.

Back in 1926, prominent NIH scientist Dr. Wilhelm Hueper wrote: "We may eliminate the inhalation of cigarette smoke as a causative factor for this increase [in lung cancer incidence and deaths]...cigarette smoke may only have a contributory influence, if at all." By the 1950's, when the issue began coming to a public head, Hueper was staunchly defending his position, even in the face of mounting scientific evidence to the contrary. A pathologist who in 1948 was appointed chief of environmental cancer research at NCI, Hueper also routinely discouraged -- in word and deed -- launching public health efforts to warn the American people about the potential dangers of smoking.
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'Engine 511' Already on Call
New Pumper Fired Up for NIH Duty

By Carla Garnett

The NIH Fire Department recently revealed its newest fire fighting acquisition, a 1998 1,500 gallon-per-minute Pierce Saber pumper truck. Designated "Engine 511," the new $250,000 vehicle hails from Appleton, Wisc., seats four fire fighters and offers a substantial increase in pumping capacity over the "old 511," which, after 16 years on the job, was retired to GSA's surplus facility in Franconia, Va.
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