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June 30, 1998
Vol. L, No. 13

Reducing Risky Sexual Behavior In Adolescents: Impossibility?

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Weighing the Alternatives
Changing Work Schedules: A Many-Splendored (and Splintered) Thing

By Carla Garnett

NLM's Dorothy White says AWS helped her relieve stress.

Is there anybody working here who wouldn't like an extra day off every week or so? Weekends are grand, of course, but if we had a weekday off, some of us think, we could get a head start on that seemingly endless line at the bank. We could take our rightful turn as Class Parent at Junior's pre-K, avoid that hellish Monday morning commute, log in some volunteer work we've always vowed to try or simply accomplish the myriad other tasks best done during "regular" work hours Monday through Friday. We wouldn't even mind working an extra hour or two each day to earn the day off.
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NIH'er Goes Aerobatic
in Vintage Stunt Plane

By José Alvarado

John Nagy

John Nagy gets his highs -- literally. He also gets his lows, his spins, his vertical downs, his loops and his rolls.

The NIDA public affairs specialist is the proud owner of a bright red Zlin Z526F Czechoslovakian military trainer, a legendary airplane used in acrobatic flying, or aerobatics, which has made real a childhood dream for this former commercial airline pilot. The craft earned Nagy first place in the basic category of the Pennsylvania Aerobatics Championships held last month. Not bad for his debut in aerobatic competition.
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