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Syndemics Prevention Network
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Syndemics Prevention Network
4770 Buford Hwy, NE
MS K-67
Atlanta, GA 30341-3717



Spotlight on Syndemics

Spotlight on Syndemics: Two hotspots: Navigating Health Futures - Join the Network

Two or more afflictions, interacting synergistically, contributing to excess burden of disease in a population. 
Related concepts include: linked epidemics, interacting epidemics, connected epidemics, co-occurring epidemics, comorbidities, and clusters of health-related crises.

A way of thinking about public health work that focuses on connections among health-related problems, considers those connections when developing health policies, and aligns with other avenues of social change to assure the conditions in which all people can be healthy. 
Related concepts include social ecology, health promotion, health equity, health dynamics, social epidemiology, and system change.

For more details see Overview; and Monograph

This web explores syndemics (i.e., linked epidemics) and their implications for public health science and action. The information provided here is maintained by a network of citizen leaders, researchers, and government officials devoted to protecting the public's health and achieving health equity.  

Members of the Syndemics Prevention Network are learning when and how to use a syndemic orientation in public health work.  This perspective complements single-issue prevention strategies, which can be effective for discrete problems, but often are mismatched to the goal of protecting the public's health in its widest sense.  Through scholarship, action, reflection, and networking, we are discovering how a syndemic orientation fosters a deeper understanding of essential relationships and opens new pathways for fulfilling the transformative potential of public health work. 

Network membership is open to anyone with an interest in creating (or restoring) the conditions that support safer healthier people. A brief overview and full-length monograph, are available to everyone; but, only registered members can access work in progress, collaboration tools, and related resources.





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CDC Syndemics Prevention Network

Page last reviewed: January 30, 2008
Page last modified: January 30, 2008

Content source: Division of Adult and Community Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

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