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January 13, 1998
Vol. L, No. 1

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Same Job, New Space? Flexiplace
NIH Telecommuters Put More Miles Into Work, Spend Fewer on the Road

By Carla Garnett

Cheryl Moxley, a telecommunications specialist in NIH's Office of Research Services, used to travel about 56 miles to work every day from her home in Harper's Ferry, W.Va. That's 112 miles round trip -- no small journey, she's quick to point out. The commute made her work days longer and more hectic and made her life in general much more stressful. So, last spring she decided to try an alternative work place arrangement. She's been singing the praises of doing her job at a flexiplace ever since.
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Favorable Forecast for 1998
Filling Top Jobs, Boosting AIDS Vaccine Work Among ACD Topics

By Carla Garnett

Although attendees may not have found many items on the agenda "as gripping as the latest novel," said NIH director Dr. Harold Varmus in opening remarks at the Dec. 4 session of the advisory committee to the director (ACD), the issues that were covered "are of tremendous importance to the future of the NIH."
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