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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

June 24, 2005

To: IC Directors
From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — April 28, 2005

Discussion Items

I. FY 2005 Roadmap Budget Management

Mr. Baldus reported that an FY 2005 budget management plan was presented at the February Roadmap Implementation Coordination Committee (RICC) meeting wherein funds would not be transferred to the lead IC of an initiative but would remain with participating ICs. Because of the complexities inherent in that plan, RICC members asked that alternative options for a simpler process be developed and presented.

At today’s meeting, Mr. Baldus proposed an alternative that would transfer all roadmap funds to a single OD pot. The Office of the General Counsel has reviewed the FY 2005 Appropriation legislation and concluded that it would permit such a transfer from the ICs to a central appropriation source for the purpose of funding Roadmap activities.

Mr. Baldus summarized the advantages of the proposed plan as follows:

  • reduction of the number of Roadmap CANs from about 150 to 65;
  • a framework permitting funding reports throughout the year across all mechanisms;
  • better ability for Roadmap Working Groups to transfer funds among Initiatives;
  • simplified disease reporting for Roadmap and non-Roadmap funds; and
  • reliance on Working Group budget points of contacts.

However, he did note that if further internal NIH discussions and/or discussions with HHS, OMB, and Congressional committees were to produce objections to this proposal, a back-up plan would be to use the NIH Director’s 1 percent transfer authority for another year.

After the presentation and discussion of various questions, Dr. Katz commented that the decision to pursue this approach was self evident and the group agreed, with the caveat to evaluate at the end of the fiscal year.

II. Change in date of NIH Leadership Forum

The group agreed to move the date of the 2005 NIH Leadership Forum to September 8 and 9.

III. Reauthorization Update.

Mr. Smolonsky announced that the scheduled reauthorization hearings have been postponed. The group discussed various issues that might arise in the hearings including the fundamental issue of organization and the attendant options of functional and structural approaches to reorganization.

Scientific Presentation

IV. Interactive Publications: The Happening Thing

Dr. Lindberg pointed to the profound changes in the way biomedical research is conducted, mentioning multi-disciplinary teams and increasing calls for openness in research among other things. Pointing to these changes as fostering new and ever-improving computer programs, databases, and tools necessary to facilitate and report such research, he described the implications for scientific publications that are now exploring ways to present the research results in ways that readers can interact with rather than simply view illustrations and static data summaries.

He provided visual samples of various on-line possibilities for publication and reader interaction, including —

  • full motion video rather than static illustration and rhythm strips of EKGs rather than static waveform illustration;
  • access to complete CAT scan images, surgical findings, and behavioral reporting; and
  • access to data behind summaries of large data collections, etc.

The implications of this exploration of ways to present research findings are profound for the NLM primarily because of its commitment to preserving biomedical knowledge, so it is seeking partnerships and agreements with publishers that are developing these illustrative digital display tools. NLM also plans to support research into the efficiency and value to clinicians and bench scientists of this new information technology. He referred the group to the NEJM article of March 17, 2005, by him and Betsy Humphreys entitled “2015 — The Future of Medical Libraries” (

The group expressed appreciation of and excitement about the potential for the future revealed in Dr. Lindberg’s discussion

Dale Johnson
cc: OD Senior Staff


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