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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

November 16, 2001
To: IC Directors
From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — November 8, 2001
I. Clinical Center Patient Parking

Dr. Gallin distributed a handout showing that the CC patient census is down since September 11 for inpatient days, outpatient visits, and inpatient admissions. He met with his patient advisory group, who listed fear of airplane travel, lines at airports, traveling with oxygen tanks, and fear of anthrax in the Washington, D.C., area as problems. While NIH can do little about these sorts of broad problems, the patients also mentioned problems specific to NIH such as multiple car searches, the exertion required to open their car hoods, taxis not wanting to come on campus, and long waits. We can address some of these NIH-specific problems. Mr. Ficca reviewed a valet parking proposal in some detail; it would require approximately $256,000 the first year and $175,000 in subsequent years, assuming roughly 150 patients per day. The cost would rise if there are more patients. Mr. Ficca has sent Dr. Kirschstein a memo outlining projected security costs above the current budget.

The group expressed support for helping patients get on campus and endorsed the patient parking plans. They also asked for a more comprehensive review of security and an idea of what the IC costs will be for heightened security overall.

II. GPRA Research Subgoals

Dr. Skirboll explained that OMB believes NIH's five current qualitative GPRA research goals are too broad. Therefore, we must develop subgoals for our FY03 performance plans; these subgoals should be representative of our research plans rather than comprehensive. NIH's success at achieving these goals will be assessed every three to five years. However, we will have to report on yearly milestones/outputs toward achieving the subgoals. Dr. Skirboll reviewed the current NIH research outcomes goals, two quantitative and five qualitative. She proposed replacing the current five qualitative goals with four goals. Each goal would then have several associated subgoals. NIH workgroups on each goal have developed proposed subgoals, which are listed on her handout. Dr. Skirboll asked IC Directors to prioritize and edit these subgoals; she will send them specific instructions with due dates.

III. HHS Performance Contracts

The meeting continued with principals only to discuss Dr. Kirschstein's proposed FY2002 performance contract. The group agreed that the NIH GPRA plan should be used as a basis, although the HHS management elements are not in the GPRA plan. Dr. Kirschstein asked for IC Directors' input on the specific goals currently included in her draft plan.

IV. Information Items

Dr. Baldwin announced that the stem cell registry has been published on the NIH Web site. The receipt date for grant proposals using human embryonic stem cells has been extended to November 27. She is collecting the names of IC representatives to work with her on implementation issues and will be establishing training activities for staff (program, review, grants management, contracts, etc.) who need information about policies and procedures related to research on human embryonic stem cells. Also, there is a tracking system being developed to track applications and awards that propose using such cells. Dr. Gottesman discussed the registry with the Scientific Directors yesterday. IC Directors as well as Scientific Directors will approve the receipt of human embryonic stem cells by intramural researchers; Dr. Gottesman will maintain a central registry of intramural use of these cells. Dr. Baldwin reminded the group that no funds can be expended on this activity for 30 days, i.e. until December 7. She clarified that this only applies to embryonic tissue; fetal tissue is different, and she will point this out in a Frequently Asked Questions section to be added to the Web site.

Karen Pelham O'Steen
cc: OD Staff

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