25 Sites We Can't Live Without


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The official Web portal for the U.S. government, with links to every branch, agency and organization involved in federal business, plus reports, guides, reference material and other resources to help you navigate the system, and, whenever possible, get things done online. Each Web page of links is more specific than the last, so you can quickly drill down to the matter at hand. It took three clicks (and three seconds) to find NASA's bank of images and animations of our home planet (select Science & Tech, then Physical Sciences, then Visible Earth), learn how to file for bankruptcy (Money and Taxes/Personal Finance) and read up on Medicare prescription drug coverage (Health). Also: FedStats.

5 Worst Websites

MySpace and Second Life get two thumbs down


Debating the List

TIME's Lev Grossman, Anita Hamilton and Maryanne Murray Buechner share their favorite —and most disliked— spots on the web

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