Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Inventory of Privacy Act System Notices

System Numbers and Names

NARA 1 Researcher Application Files
NARA 2 Reference Request Files
NARA 3 Donors of Historical Materials Files
NARA 4 Committee and Foundation Member Files
NARA 5 Conference, Workshop, and Training Course Files
NARA 6 Mailing List Files
NARA 7 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Files and Mandatory Review of Classified Documents Request Files
NARA 8 Restricted and Classified Records Access Authorization Files
NARA 9 Author Files
NARA 10 reserved
NARA 11 Credentials and Passes Files
NARA 12 Emergency Notification Files
NARA 13 Defunct Agency Records
NARA 14 Payroll and Time and Attendance Reporting System Records
NARA 15 Freelance Editor/Indexer Files
NARA 16 Library Circulation Files
NARA 17 Grievance Records
NARA 18 General Law Files
NARA 19 Workers Compensation Files
NARA 20 Reviewer/Consultant Files
NARA 21 Fellowship and Editing Institute Application Files
NARA 22 Employee Related Files
NARA 23 Investigative Case Files
NARA 24 Personnel Security Files
NARA 25 Order Fulfillment and Accounting System Records
NARA 26 Volunteer Files
NARA 27 Contracting Officers and Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) Designation Files
NARA 28 Tort and Employee Claims Files
NARA 29 State Historical Records Advisory Board Member Files
NARA 30 Garnishment Files
NARA 31 Ride Share Locator Database
NARA 32 Alternate Dispute Resolution Files
NARA 33 Development and Donor Files
NARA 34 Agency Ethics Program Files
NARA 35 Case Management and Reporting System (CMRS)
NARA 36 Public Transportation Benefit Program Files
NARA 37 Order Online!
NARA 38 Project Management Records
Appendix A Routine Uses
Appendix B NARA System Managers and Addresses

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