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April 8, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 7

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From 'Whatchamacallit' to Funshine
New Camp Starts for Children
Infected with HIV

By Rich McManus

Unless you just came to NIH a week ago, you probably know at least something about Camp Fantastic. For the uninitiated, it's a week-long slice of August turned into terrific summer camp for children -- many of them Clinical Center patients -- with cancer, and has always been powered by the freehearted and funloving side of the National Cancer Institute -- its Pediatric Branch and associated caregivers. It began 15 years ago at a 4-H campground near Front Royal, Va., and has evolved into a year-round, family-centered program that worries not just about the child with cancer, but also about the healthy sibling who wonders where all of mom and dad's attention went. And much more.
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Microsoft's Myrhvold Gazes
Into Computing's Future

By Rich McManus

Dr. Nathan Myrhvold

The flyer announcing his visit to NIH was, in itself, a stunning document, written, presumably, to induce pangs of inferiority in the largest egos on campus. The next speaker in NHGRI's Human Genome Lecture Series was not simply Bill Gates' right-hand man at Microsoft, the country's leading computer giant and certified shaper of worlds. He was also a colleague of famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking at Cambridge, holder of a herd's worth of sheepskin from such places as Princeton and Berkeley, and dabbler in such pastimes as mountain climbing, formula car racing, photography and French cooking.
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