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May 6, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 9

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Getting Down to Business
NIH Administrative Operations
Under Review

By Carla Garnett

In an age when government agencies face increased budget scrutiny every year, and taxpayer purse strings are drawn tighter with each round, it was only a matter of time before NIH would have to reassess its fitness for battle. And although the agency has in many ways already reinvented the way it does business and clearly has been among the blessed at budget season, test time has come: NIH is in the middle of a thorough review of its administrative structure and costs and the results will be used by Congress to help decide the agency's appropriation.
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Art and Life
NICHD's Fried Survives Struggle
With Cancer

By Rich McManus

There are probably more people at NIH who know Art Fried without all of his clothes on than there are who know him fully clad.

Budget officer at NICHD for the past 20 years, he is a ubiquitous noontime -- and later -- jogger, a perpetual treasurer of NIH's Health's Angels Running Club ("my other permanent job"), and virtual poster boy for middle age athleticism. Trim as an 18-year-old rower, easygoing and affable, he's a campus fixture in any season in jogging shorts and T-shirt: Hey, how come he's always out there schmoozing with some female running partner while the rest of us are bustling, unaccompanied, to some tedious meeting? What's this guy's secret?
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