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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

April 24, 2002


IC Directors

From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — April 18, 2002

Dr. Kirschstein hosted a breakfast for Dr. Cassman and Ms. Thomas and welcomed Mr. Poppke as Acting Director, OB.

I. Campus Security Recommendations

Dr. Hodes, in his role as Chair of FPAC, presented an overview of issues surrounding physical security on the NIH campus. He explained that we have very little discretion in terms of the outside requirements for heightened security, but we do have some flexibility in implementing them. NIH receives guidance about the national threat and threat levels from the Office of Homeland Security and the Attorney General and guidance on specific requirements from GSA and HHS. The primary objective of the increased security measures is to ensure the safety and security of NIH employees and everyone else on our premises. He reviewed what we have done since September 11, 2001, and the effects of those measures. For example, reported crimes have decreased by 30 percent but operating costs have increased significantly. Dr. Hodes then discussed proposals to shape NIH's future response. He focused especially on the proposal for increased perimeter security, which would allow us to open up the environment inside the perimeter. Proposed elements of perimeter security include a perimeter fence, a visitors center, and a delivery clearance center for the 500 or so trucks that enter the campus each day.

The visitors center would serve a variety of purposes. Visitors would be welcomed there, issued permits to come on campus, and provided with maps and directions, for example. Ms. Thomas and Dr. Fuchs funded a contract to develop recommendations on what to include in the visitors center. That contractor has conducted focus groups with a variety of people; the report is due May 15. At that time the decision will be made about whether to include the Stetten Museum in the visitors center.

Questions were raised about whether employees could be issued an electronic card to use in entering the campus. Mr. Ficca said new ID cards are being issued to all employees. The new cards will be used to enter NIH buildings, and the goal is to use those cards to enter the campus as well.

Ms. Serras-Fiotes used a map to show the proposed location of the perimeter fence, vehicle entrances, pedestrian/bicycle entrances, visitors center, delivery clearance center, and a pedestrian/bicycle path outside the perimeter fence. The projected costs for these security measures are $25 million in FY02, $80 million in FY03, and $15 million in the out years.

Dr. Katz, as Chair of the FARB, then discussed the FARB recommendations for funding these unanticipated security needs. He distributed copies of his slides. Dr. Katz explained the FARB's process and priorities in reviewing the security requirements. After adjusting to remove about $450,000 that the Clinical Center was going to absorb within its current allocation and to remove about $5 million for offsets by ORS, and recommending that the $2.5 million that was requested for IT security be considered within the priorities for the FY03 budget, the FARB recommended that approximately $18 million be approved for FY02, with the money to be obtained by taps from the ICs. The group agreed that how the tap is allocated within each IC will be determined by the IC Director. After some discussion, the group approved the $18 million, with the possibility of adding the $2.5 million for IT security. Dr. Kirschstein will appoint a small committee to advise her on (a) whether CIT's unanticipated needs for IT security should be funded in FY02 or deferred for consideration along with the other funding priorities for FY03, and (b) how to allocate the taps. Dr. Kirschstein would like the allocation to be based on space, census, or some combination of these two factors. She will ask the committee to report its recommendations to her on Wednesday, April 24, followed by a final discussion at next week's IC Directors' meeting. (Dr. Kirschstein subsequently asked Dr. Lenfant to chair this committee; the other members are Drs. Batty and Hodes, Ms. Duff, Mr. Hartinger, and Mr. Poppke.)

II. Information Items

Dr. Kirschstein reported that the last House appropriations hearing went well, and she complimented the IC Directors for their performance at all of the hearings.

Dr. Kirschstein and four IC Directors met yesterday with Dr. Zerhouni. Participants were selected based on topics that are expected to be raised at Dr. Zerhouni's confirmation hearing. Dr. Fauci will meet with him on April 24.

Dr. Kirschstein reminded the group of the June 1 budget retreat. She asked IC Directors to protect that time on their calendars and said Dr. Zerhouni will attend if possible. He may also attend the June 6 meeting of the ACD.

Dr. Collins reported that the draft (7X coverage) whole genome data set for the mouse genome has been assembled and looks outstanding. He distributed the latest issue of "Mouse Genome Monthly." This publication is available on the Web, and he will send IC Directors an electronic version.

Karen Pelham O'Steen
cc: OD Staff


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