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Who We Fund

NIEHS Extramural Research Portfolio, a database of Environmental Health Science Research funded by NIEHS.

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The NIEHS Extramural Research Portfolio puts Environmental Health Sciences research at your fingertips. The portfolio is classified using Organ and Basic Science codes. Based on this classification, the site allows you to retrieve a list of current NIEHS research grants by science code or state, and provides information such as the grant title, Principal Investigator, academic institution, grant number, abstract, and publications. You can also perform a specific search by entering any combination of keywords in the following fields: Principal Investigator, institution name, grant number, project title, description/abstract, and CRISP terms/keywords.

Please note that the term(s) you use for searching may not necessarily be the Science Code that has been assigned to the grant. For example, the term "DNA Repair" may be used in a grant title or abstract, but the main focus of the grant may be on Liver. In this case, when searching by science code, the grant would be found under Science Code 55-Liver, not 9-DNA Repair.

Longer profiles of grantees in the following areas are also available for reading: Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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