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Volume 15, Number 1–January 2009

Another Dimension

It Can't Happen Here

Marcela Natiello Comments to Author
Author affiliation: Hospital "F.J. Muñiz," Buenos Aires, Argentina

A banal virosis, no doubt
Fever fades away, back at work
I feel weary, I'll be all right, I'm sure
What, now? My body itches
Could this be an allergy?
A pill to halt the itching
Again ill, what does this nausea mean?
Could this be dengue?
It's on the borders, the global warming …
And yet, I didn't leave the city
In Buenos Aires you can't …
Just in case, I have a test done
I can't believe it, the test is positive
Spread the news, could be more cases,
     — Needs confirmation, it can't happen here
Why not? Imported cases, Aedes thriving …
There must be others, we must warn people
     — We are not sure, can't happen here
At last, new test confirms. You must warn people
Not even now? What about the others?
Those who don't know, they are at risk
     — It won't spread, can't happen here
As a physician I feel responsible
Please spread the news
It did happen here!


I thank Dr. Viviana Ritacco and Mrs. Liliana Palumbo for reviewing the manuscript.

Dr Natiello is the patient referred to in this poem and a pneumonologist at the Muñiz Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her primary research interest is the epidemiology of tuberculosis.

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