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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

October 22, 2003


IC Directors

From: Acting Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — September 25, 2003

Discussion Items

l. NIH Senior Health Web Site

Dr. Hodes and Dr. Lindberg presented a preview of the Web site that is scheduled to be available to the public in November. Dr. Hodes began by demonstrating a number of the links that provide health information about subjects of interest to older people, as well as noting research-based findings of cognitive and sensory changes with aging that need to be addressed in Web site design. Dr. Lindberg continued by highlighting the aspects of the site that make it senior friendly, such as magnification, high contrast, and audio options as well as a number of tools to increase the users' ease of navigation

NIA and NLM began collaborating on this site in 1999 with NIA overseeing the research-related information, including input from a number of ICs, and NLM, the technology. Dr. Hodes noted that because seniors make up an increasing percentage of the population and have health issues across the spectrum of disease and disease prevention, trans-NIH contributions are critical.

Both Directors thanked the staff members who have worked on this project that without doubt will be of great benefit to its large audience. Those staff include:

  • NIA: Stephanie Dailey and Roger Morrell (former NIA grantee)

  • NLM: Eve-Marie Lacroix, Joyce Backus, Kathleen Cravedi, Simon Liu, and Wei Ma

  • NCI: Mike Miller, OCC

  • NIAMS: Elizabeth Freedman, OCPL

  • NIDCD Jennifer Wenger, OHCPL

ll. NIH-Canadian Institutes of Health Research Leadership Summit

Dr. Hrynkow discussed the upcoming Leadership Summit between the NIH and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) that will be held on October 27 and 28. Dr. Zerhouni initiated this summit with Dr. Alan Bernstein, his Canadian counterpart, in order to increase mutual understanding of each other's priorities and procedures and to identify potential areas of collaboration. The visiting group of 18 CIHR leaders will include ten Scientific Directors, the position equivalent to the IC Director position.

The first day's events will include Dr. Kirschstein's presentation of NIH policies and organizational issues, a tour of the CC, and a working lunch at which Dr. Zerhouni plans to review the Roadmap and IOM recommendations on NIH restructuring. Dr. Bernstein will also speak on CIHR's strategic planning process and offer his perspectives on managing a virtual medical research enterprise. There will be time for discussion and questions. Because this lunch offers the only opportunity on the agenda for all the NIH and CIHR leaders to meet as a single group, IC Directors are encouraged to attend.

The afternoon schedule will consist of panel discussions on stem cells (Dr. Battey is NIH lead), health services research (Dr. Kington is the NIH lead working with Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Director, AHRQ), and global health (Dr. Keusch is the NIH lead).

The second day will provide time for one-on-one meetings across campus as well as a concluding session at which Dr. Zerhouni plans to speak on Framing a Pathway for NIH-CIHR Joint Programs.

Dr. Hrynkow asked that IC Directors respond to Mollie Fletcher at FIC regarding attending the working lunch and their preference of one-on-one meetings. Any comments on the program should be directed to Dr. Hrynkow.

lll. Media Relations-Getting Your Message Across

Dr. Zerhouni and John Burklow noted that the upcoming Roadmap announcements will engender media attention. The group discussed and offered ways of approaching the many questions they might be asked. Among the key recommendations were to know your audience and to provide a clear message with facts and examples.

lV. Thank Yous

Dr. Zerhouni mentioned that this was Dr. Ehrenfeld's last IC Directors Meeting as head of CSR, although she will continue at the NIH. Dr. Zerhouni also thanked Mr. Don Poppke for his service as NIH Associate Director for Budget and wished him well in his retirement. The group joined in a warm round of applause.

Dale Johnson
cc: OD Staff



This page was last reviewed on October 24, 2003 .

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