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January 14, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 1

Director Praised at Ceremony

Deaf Awareness Program Emphasizes Ability

NICHD Launches Biologist Forum

NINR Reaches Out to Minority Nurses

Dietary Supplements Office Makes First Grants

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Actor Christopher Reeve (c) visited NIH on Dec. 15 to learn more about research on spinal cord injury and to meet with leading scientists. Among those who hosted his visit to the Clinical Center were Dr. Zach Hall (l), NINDS director, and NIH director Dr. Harold Varmus. Reeve was briefed in the 11th floor solarium by intramural scientists and several extramural grantees. Segments from the visit were aired Dec. 23-24 on NBC's Today Show.

Sculptor by Night
NIA's Rosztoczy Creates
Cast of Characters After Hours

By Rich McManus

Arrayed across a table top on the fifth floor of the Gateway Bldg. in Bethesda is a small coterie of figures, lifelike representations of characters invented by Dickens and Tchaikovsky. Here is Tiny Tim, hobbling on a wooden crutch. There, Jacob Marley, swathed in chains and mummy-gray, freezes in mid-stagger. Nearer is the Harlequin from The Nutcracker, resplendent in mask and parti-colored outfit.
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