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July 15, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 14

Work on Bldg. 10
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R&W Barbecue Raises
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With Cancer

First Native American
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Federal Flat To Fall
NIH Apartment House Must Yield To New Hospital Construction

By Rich McManus

The hopeful spray of purple irises at its front stoop notwithstanding, Apartment Bldg. 20, which since 1954 has been home to NIH directors, foreign scientists, nurses, heart surgeons and on-call panjandrums of various stripe, will yield to the wrecking ball around Oct. 1. Rendered nearly charmless and irrelevant by its position in the shadow of its mammoth neighbor across the street -- the Clinical Center is allegedly one of the world's largest brick structures -- Bldg. 20 lies in the way of construction associated with the new Hatfield Clinical Research Center.
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Info Superhighway Becomes Freeway
Vice President Gore Launches Free Access to NLM's MEDLINE

By Melanie Modlin

With a few clicks of the keyboard, Vice President Al Gore recently performed the inaugural search opening up free access to MEDLINE on the World Wide Web.
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