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August 26, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 17

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Magnuson Yields to Hatfield
Construction Set to Start on New Clinical Research Center

By Rich McManus

If you think the campus is looking carved-up now, you haven't seen anything yet. This fall, construction will begin on the new Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center (CRC), a low-rise addition to the north face of the Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center (Bldg. 10). The new CRC will house all of the inpatients currently located in the 44-year-old outmoded and overcrowded facility, and add new research space, a vivarium, and a variety of patient-friendly areas including skylit atria, courtyards, glass bridges linking to Bldg. 10, a bookstore, cafe, and an airy chapel.
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Building Blocks of Science Evident at Poster Day

By José Alvarado

The 400 NIH summer interns who exhibited their research projects on Poster Day, Aug. 1, might not have made medical history (at least not yet) and acquired the stature and fame of an Alexander Flemming or a Jonas Salk, but their work is a testament to the reality of science as building blocks and not just sudden, spectacular breakthroughs.
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