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November 4, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 22

Adults Whose Parents Divorced: How Are They Doing?

Folkman To Give NIH Lecture

NIH Roundtable Discusses Reinvention Initiatives

NIH Grantees Awarded Nobel Prizes

New Express Routes Let NIH'ers 'Save the Drive for the Office'

Diversity Council Gives Progress Report

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NIH Launches CFC Season,
Aims to Raise $1.1 Million

By Jan Ehrman

You've seen the pamphlets. You're familiar with a few of the organizations. Maybe you've even contributed to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) in years past. But you're still wondering. What could CFC possibly do for me?
M O R E . . .

The Forgotten Door
'Spooky' Photo Prompts
Panoply of Explanations

By Rich McManus

The backpage picture of the "spooky passageway"(Oct. 7 issue) provoked a spate of guesses from readers about the true nature of the narrow entry into a hillside behind Bldg. 15K. An intrepid venture into the dank opening, led by John Henderson of the north maintenance engineering section, revealed its contents, but the speculations were far more romantic than the reality.
M O R E . . .