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February 25, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 4

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'Doctors on Call'
Telemedicine Under Way
At the Clinical Center

By Carla Garnett

It used to be a big problem if you were here and your doctor were there. One or the other would have to travel for you to get the best care. What if you were too sick to travel, or your doctor couldn't leave other patients, or you needed a specialist halfway across the country? An extension of the technology that gave birth to face-to-face video conferenced business meetings is quickly becoming a solution.
M O R E . . .

Telemedicine, an extension of teleconferencing, allows an examination to be transmitted live to medical facilities worldwide.

Comparatively Mild Challenge
NIH Runner with Disability
Tackles Marathon in Antarctica

By Rich McManus

When NIH licensing specialist and patent advisor John Fahner-Vihtelic journeyed to Antarctica Feb. 18 to participate in what some call the most difficult race on Earth -- the Antarctica Marathon -- it was far from the most grueling physical trial he has ever endured in life. Not by a longshot.
M O R E . . .