The NIH Record

September 23, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 19

Stetten Museum's Genetics
Exhibit Opens in Bldg. 10

MARC Program
a Boon to NCI Studies

NIH Marks Fire
Prevention Week

Popular Lecture Series
for Public Begins

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Lung Transplant Costly
Lancasters Hope for Community Help, Plan Fundraiser in Masur

By Rich McManus

If someone tells you he is from Peoria, Ill., the natural inclination is to assign all-American qualities -- wholesome, upright, Godfearing and hardworking. And Peorian Henry Lancaster is all of these, in spades. He looks a shade like actor Kevin Bacon, only without the hard eyes. A third-year clinical fellow in the National Institute of Dental Research, he is soft-spoken, calm, open and seems utterly guileless. The kind of guy mothers probably want to see their daughters tow home.
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A Real October-fest
Research Festival Ready
to Debut In New Month, Site

By Gregory Roa

Like a lot of other things around campus these days, the NIH Research Festival has undergone quite a few changes. The annual event has migrated to a new month, running the week of Oct. 6 to 10 instead of in mid-September. The festival's circus-size tents have moved as well, to a new site near the front of the Natcher Bldg. And for the first time, the program includes not one but two evening picnics, plus a new and improved job fair for NIH postdocs. As always, however, Research Festival retains the same great schedule of symposia, workshops and posters, all of which will be held inside the Natcher Conference Center.
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