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December 16, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 25

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A Happy New Year
NIH Gets Generous '98 Budget

President Clinton signed another record budget for NIH on Nov. 13, totalling $13.648 billion, or a 7.1 percent increase over fiscal year 1997, and $570 million more than he had originally requested in his spending plan for fiscal 1998. Among the most notable items in the budget are $90 million to continue funding for the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center, $17 million to build a new Vaccine Research Center on campus, and funding for nearly 7,700 new and competing research project grants.
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Next Bids Due in January
Bldg. 50 Progressing Well, If Wetly

By Rich McManus

If you think your job is wearing you down on these cold, dark early winter eves, consider for a moment the men working down in the hole that is Bldg. 50 -- the new Consolidated Laboratory Facility. During these coldest months of the year, crews are drilling some 155 "caisson" holes, which plummet another 60 feet or so beneath the pit floor, so that the new 5-story structure will sit solidly upon concrete stilts rooted in the Earth. Even back on Nov. 25, when the weather was still relatively balmy, the muddy hole became, by late afternoon, quite nippy; the site's sunless southwest corner featured the campus' first ice ponds in the week before Thanksgiving.
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