The NIH Record

August 12, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 16

NIH Crafts Response to Summer Smog Alerts

Electronic Shopping Mall for NIH'ers Debuts

Voting Among the Ruins

Gay, Lesbian NIH'ers Continue Struggle for Equality

Arthritis Briefing Examines Growing Costs of Disability

'Net-Worked Conference Mammary Gland Biologists Converge at Natcher

Latino Students Explore Health Research Opportunities

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New Program Proceeds Quickly
First Class of Clinical Research Trainees Set to Start This Fall

A select group of the nation's medical and dental students are arriving at NIH to form the charter class of NIH's new Clinical Research Training Program. Modeled after the successful Howard Hughes Medical Institute-NIH Research Scholars Program, which has brought hundreds of medical students to train in NIH laboratories since its establishment in 1985, the CRTP grew from concept to accomplishment in less than a year.
M O R E . . .

Social Inequality Harms Health, Sociologist Says

By Susan M. Persons

When the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, consequences to public health are grave.

"Socioeconomic differentials are arguably the most important public health problem facing our nation," reported Dr. James S. House, the featured speaker at a recent NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research seminar and scientist at the Institute for Social Research in Ann Arbor, Mich. M O R E . . .