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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

February 3, 2005


IC Directors

From: Senior Policy Analyst, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — December 23, 2004

Dr. Kington chaired the meeting in Dr. Zerhouni's absence.

Discussion Items

l. DEAS Update

Dr. Ruiz Bravo updated the group on operations of DEAS. Noting that DEAS has been operational for less than 3 months, she discussed staffing, organization, and personnel issues including training; communication between DEAS and IC staff; information technology issues; and DEAS performance, goals, and plans. A number of IC Directors raised concerns about performance and operations. Dr. Ruiz Bravo pointed out a number of efforts to address issues as they arise in this new organization, including a new Extramural Activities Support Advisory Committee, and the group agreed that good communication is crucial. Dr. Kington urged all ICs to work with Dr. Ruiz Bravo and the DEAS staff to help refine the system.

ll. CFC Update

Dr. Spiegel reported that CFC targets have been exceeded almost across the board. In addition to thanking all the IC Directors for their support, he especially thanked Barbara Merchant of NIDDK for her leadership of this year's CFC at the NIH. He urged all the Directors to encourage their keyworkers to ensure that all employees have been given the opportunity to contrbute as we finish the Campaign

III Action Plan for Liver Disease Research

Dr. Spiegel described how the Action Plan for Liver Disease Research grew from NIDDK and NIH efforts to coordinate research efforts and in response to congressional and public input encouraging greater visibility for and focus on liver disease research. The Action Plan was developed in a trans-NIH effort by the Liver Disease Subcommittee of the Digestive Diseases Interagency Coordinating Committee to provide an overview of the status of liver disease research and outline challenges and needs for future research. He introduced Dr. Jay Hoofnagle, Director of NIDDK's Liver Disease Research Branch, who went on to discuss how the Action Plan was developed, the topic areas that it covers, and broad involvement of numerous ICs in addressing goals for liver disease research. Dr. Spiegel summed up by asking for support from the ICs in implementing the Action Plan.

IV Information Items

Dr. Kington raised the current issue regarding COX II inhibitors and said the NIH had pledged to review all trials involving this class of drugs. He and OER staff are communicating with Principal Investigators regarding how they are addressing the issue. He will meet with senior representatives from the ICs next Tuesday. Dr. Skirboll is working with the FDA on sharing information and harmonizing communications; Dr. Ruiz Bravo will coordinate the follow-through with PIs.

Dr. Kramer reminded the group of the workshop on Tuesday- Wednesday, January 11-12, "Moving From Observational Studies to Clinical Trials: Why Do We Sometimes Get It Wrong?," which will address how interpretation of data or findings enters into decisions on whether to launch or continue trials, and how to translate clinical study results into health practice.

Referring back to today's report on the Action Plan for Liver Disease Research, Dr. Landis asked that the Blueprint consortium have an opportunity to present the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research at a future IC Directors meeting.

Mr. Turman thanked the group for the recent and continuing work of their budget staffs on the FY06 budget. He said he hoped to have more information to provide next week.

Dr. Kington referred to yesterday's articles in the Los Angeles Times and said we are working toward having new regulations regarding outside activities in place by early February.

Tom Gill
cc: OD Staff



This page was last reviewed on February 8, 2005 .

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