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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

September 30, 2002

To: IC Directors
From: Senior Policy Analyst, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — September 12, 2002

Dr. Zerhouni began the meeting by introducing Dr. Thomas Insel, newly appointed Director of NIMH and led the group in a round of applause for Dr. Insel. Dr. Zerhouni also thanked Drs. Lenfant and Collins for their work as co-chairs of the search committee. Dr. Insel said he looked forward to working with everyone.

Dr. Zerhouni also noted the appointment of Dr. Ting Kai Li as Director of NIAAA and thanked Dr. Kington for doing an outstanding job as Acting NIAAA Director.

Decision Item

I. Title 42 Pay Model and Pilot Implementation

Dr. Kirschstein advised the group that the revised Title 42 Pay Model that was distributed with the meeting agenda incorporated almost all comments received from IC Directors following discussion of a draft of the plan at the August 15 meeting. She also reiterated that this pay model was going to be implemented as a pilot program.

After briefly summarizing the changes in the pay model since the previous discussion, Mr. Walker said the next step is for IC Directors to establish their IC committees for review of Title 42 pay. The NIH Central Committee on Title 42 pay will be established based on the IC committees; at least a few IC committee chairs will serve on the NIH Central Committee. Mr. Walker asked that the ICs send him the names of their committee members by the end of the day Friday.

A question remained concerning how ICs with no intramural staff or with no extramural staff would address the requirement that the IC committees include both intramural and extramural staff representatives. Mr. Walker said he and Dr. Kirschstein are still examining this question and will inform the group of the decision. He also acknowledged that some ICs might need a transition period for shifting their consideration of significant pay increases to early spring and said his staff would work this out as necessary with individual ICs.

The other matter still to be worked out is an evaluation system for Title 42 staff in extramural programs, to parallel Board of Scientific Counselors' reviews of intramural staff. This system will not make any decisions regarding pay for Title 42 staff but will provide IC committees and IC Directors with information on which to base their decisions.

The group approved the pay model as presented for pilot implementation. Dr. Zerhouni thanked Mr. Walker and Dr. Kirschstein for developing this plan for making management of Title 42 consistent and equitable across the NIH.

Discussion Items

II. Hormone Therapy Workshop

Dr. Kirschstein updated the group on the planning by a trans-NIH task force of the workshop to address issues that arose from the arm of the Women's Health Initiative clinical trial studying combination estrogen and progestin. The workshop will take place on October 23 and 24, at the Natcher Center. She noted that participants will include broad representation of interested groups. The agenda will include time for public attendees to make brief comments. Discussion focused on the importance of the NIH presenting a consistent, coherent message regarding the reasons for and outcome of the workshop.

III. Breast Cancer Workshop

Dr. von Eschenbach briefly described NCI's planning of a scientific workshop on outcomes and effects of early reproductive events in relation to later breast cancer risk. The workshop will probably take place early in the winter. He also mentioned that NCI's fact sheet regarding hormonal effects on breast cancer is currently being re-done to more thoroughly explain what is known the directions of research for learning what is not yet known.

IV. GPRA Research Outcome Goals

Dr. Zerhouni described the requirement for NIH's GPRA research outcome goals to emphasize results, not just the process of research and research management. He stressed that the NIH must align its strategic goals with the evaluation goals and vice versa.

Dr. Skirboll briefly summarized how the research outcome goals developed and have evolved. The new research outcome goals that the ICs propose, which will be used will be used to develop the final research outcome goals for the FY 2003 NIH Performance Plan, should be representative of the ICs' activities, not exhaustive. From the ICs' representative goals, Dr. Skirboll's staff will select an array of goals that are representative for all of the NIH. She noted that development of the Performance Plan will be an iterative process with OMB.

Dr. Zerhouni asked that all the IC Directors remain personally engaged in the process.

V. Information Items

Dr. Zerhouni thanked Dr. Skirboll and her staff, as well as the session chairs, for their work on the NIH roadmap process. Dr. Skirboll said the next steps were not clear yet, but that she and Dr. Zerhouni would keep the group informed.

Dr. Collins announced that NHGRI is holding a planning meeting at Airlie Center, November 7-9, regarding the direction for future genomic research. He encouraged participation by the IC Directors. He also noted that he appreciates input he has received from the ICs regarding plans for events in April to celebrate "50 Years of DNA." He will send more specific information on the planning of the scientific symposium that will be one of the events.

Dr. Dean said that when Dr. Pettigrew arrives later this month as Director of NIBIB, she will remain at NIBIB as Deputy Director. She will handle all FY02 issues and issues regarding grant transfer for FY03.

Dr. Ehrenfeld announced that CSR has hired Dr. Ted Kotchen as a Special Advisor on Clinical Research. He will be a liaison with the clinical research community as CSR works to ensure fair and high-quality reviews for clinical research applications.

Tom Gill
cc: OD Staff

This page was last reviewed on August 18, 2003 .

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