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Volume 15, Number 2–February 2009


  • Bacterial Phenotype Variants in Group B Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome
    P. Sendi et al.
  • Kupe Virus, a New Virus in the Family Bunyaviridae, Genus Nairovirus, Kenya
    M.B. Crabtree et al.
  • Use of Face Masks to Control Respiratory Virus Transmission in Households
    R. MacIntyre et al.
  • 263K Scrapie Characteristics in Multiple Hamster Species
    K. Meade-White et al.
  • Oseltamivir-Resistant Influenza Viruses A (H1N1), Norway, 2007–08
    S.H. Hauge et al.
    Download PDF (347 KB, 18 pages)
  • Medical Procedures and Risk of Sporadic Creutzlfeldt-Jakob Disease
    T. Hamaguchi et al.
  • Epidemiology of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Outbreaks, Southern Chile
    E. Harth et al.
    Download PDF (1,281 KB, 13 pages)
  • Prospective Surveillance of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease, Fiji, 2005–2007
    A. Steer et al.
  • Skin and Soft-tissue Infections Caused by Staphlyococcus aureus, Northern Italy
    M. Tinelli et al.
  • Identification of Melioidosis Outbreak by Multilocus Variable Number Tandem Repeat Analysis
    B.J. Currie et al.
    Download PDF (457 KB, 14 pages)
  • Simian T-Lymphotropic Virus Diversity among Nonhuman Primates, Cameroon
    D. Sintasath et al.
  • Seoul Virus and Hantavirus Disease, Shenyang, China
    Y.-Z. Zang et al.
  • Nontuberculous Mycobacteria, Zambia
    P.C.A.M. Buijtels et al.
    Download PDF (268 KB, 16 pages)
  • Imported Malaria in Children in Industrialized Countries
    K. Stager et al
  • Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) in Frozen Duck Carcasses, Germany, 2007
    T. Harder et al.
  • Severe Dengue Epidemics in Sri Lanka, 2003–2006
    N. Kanakaratne et al.
  • Causes of Death in HIV-Infected Persons with Tuberculosis, Thailand
    K. Cain et al.


  • Reemergence of Human and Animal Brucellosis, Bulgaria
    G. Russo et al.
  • Enteroviruses in Patients with Acute Encephalitis, Uttar Pradesh, India
    G.N. Sapkal et al.
    Download PDF (230 KB, 9 pages)
  • Natural Transmission of Babesia spp. by Ixodes ricinus Ticks
    C. Becker et al.
  • Tahyna Virus and Human Infection, China
    Z. Lu
  • Staphylococcus aureus ST398, New York City and Dominican Republic
    M. Bhat et al.
    Download PDF (1,305 KB, 7 pages)
  • Novel Human Parechovirus from Brazil
    J.F. Drexler et al.
    Download PDF (911 KB, 8 pages)
  • Genomic Characterization of Novel Human Parechovirus
    L. Li et al.
  • Clinical Relevance of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria, Oman
    S.H. Al-Mahruqi et al.
    Download PDF (177 KB, 7 pages)
  • Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis and Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Child
    S. Vilcarromero et al
  • Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in Cattle, Western Turkey
    E. Temizel et al.
  • Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus, Tibet, China
    Z. Wang et al.
  • Mycobacterium bolletii Respiratory Infections
    T. Adekambi and M. Drancout
  • Serogroup W135 Meningococcal Meningitis, Northern Cameroon, 2007–2008
    D. Massenet et al.
  • Effects of Free Treatment and Surveillance on HIV-infected Persons with Tuberculosis, Taiwan, 1993–2006
    S.-H. Tseng et al.
  • Isolation of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus from Febrile Patient, Yunnan, China
    J. Wang et al.
  • Mycobacterium bovis BCG Vaccination and Drug-Resistant M. tuberculosis Beijing Strains
    K. Kremer et al.
  • Chikungunya Virus Central Nervous System Infections in Children, India
    P. Lewthwaite et al.
  • European Bat Lyssavirus Transmission among Cats, Europe
    L. Dacheux et al.
    Download PDF (661 KB, 9 pages)


  • Cholera Caused by New Variants of Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor, India
    N. Taneia
  • Clostridium difficile–associated Disease in the Elderly, United States
    J. Jagai and E. Naumova
  • Viral Etiology of Common Cold in Children, Finland
    A. Ruohola et al.
  • Adenovirus Infection in Child with Haemophilus influenzae Disease
    N. Khetsuriani et al.
  • Human Case of Meningitis caused by Streptococcus suis Serotype 14
    A. Haleis et al.
  • Mesotherapy-associated Disease Caused by Mycobacterium immunogenum
    M. Del Castillo et al.
  • Time from Illness Onset to Death, 1918 Influenza and Pneumococcal Pneumonia
    K. Klugman et al.
  • Sporadic Oropouche Virus Infection, Acre, Brazil
    A. Terzian et al.
  • Unusual Manifestation of Toscana Virus Infection
    S. Sanbonmatsu-Gámez et al.
  • Human Case of Atopobium rimae Bacteremia
    E. Angelakis et al

Book Review

  • Contagious: Cultures, Carriers, and the Outbreak Narrative
    S. Thacker
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