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  Check out the MyPyramid e-Post – the newsletter for and about the MyPyramid Corporate Challenge partners. Hear what others are doing to help combat obesity using MyPyramid. Learn who has joined the team. See what's next with MyPyramid. Click here to read all about it!
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Partnering with MyPyramid

Partnering with MyPyramid provides an opportunity for different communities and different companies to join together in helping promote the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. There are two aspects to Partnering with MyPyramid: 1) the Corporate Challenge and 2) the Youth Alliance. All companies that participate in Partnering with MyPyramid will be identified on the MyPyramid.gov website.

Check out the MyPyramid e-Post the newsletter for and about the MyPyramid partners. Hear what others are doing to help combat obesity using MyPyramid... Learn who has joined the team... See what's next with MyPyramid... Click on the MyPyramid e-Post heading above to read all about it!

How Can My Company Join?

The Action Kit is designed to be the turn-key way for your company to join this movement and transform the way America eats. Everything you need to sign up and develop a project is included in the kit. You can print the entire kit for easy reference or click on a specific subject heading to access that topic.


Click here to download the Action Kit (18 MB PDF)

Click here for individual sections of the Action Kit

Click here to see our Corporate Challenge partners





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