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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

June 20, 2003

To: IC Directors
From: Acting Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — June 12, 2003

Decision Item:

l. NIH Governance Next Steps

Dr. Katz reported that in the poll of IC directors regarding NIH governance models for
corporate management decisions, the majority of respondents supported option 1, a
Steering Committee with standing Working Groups. He summarized the comments
accompanying the poll as focusing on the following issues -

  • composition of Steering Committee
  • time commitment
  • purview of the Committee, e.g., establishing which issues and resources are corporate and which issues should go to all Directors and deciding the roles of currently existing committees
  • communication between the Committee and all IC Directors
  • approval by all IC Directors of Committee recommendations on establishing Working Group substructure
  • that the current Agenda Setting Committee responsibilities would be subsumed by the new Steering Committee

After a discussion of how the work of the ARAC will help inform the structure of the
Working Groups and how staff support will be critical to the effort, Dr. Zerhouni thanked
Dr. Katz and Mr. Mahoney for their work and reiterated that the Steering Committee will
be a proactive and coherent way for NIH to address corporate management decisions and
that communication with all IC Directors will be its driving force. He added that he saw
merit in establishing linkage between membership on the Steering Committee and the co-
chairs of the Working Groups, and that he envisioned several Steering Committee
members also serving as co-chairs.

Dr. Zerhouni noted that there will be an initial strategic period for the Steering Committee
while it fine tunes the logistics of Committee support, its purview, and its substructure. He
will be calling on IC Directors as to how they will contribute, and he is committed to
making this as least taxing on time as possible. He said that his goal is to have the process
operational by the end of the summer. Because of the critical role of this Committee in
NIH corporate governance, Dr. Zerhouni noted that Committee meetings would be
principals only.

Discussion Items

ll. Budget Retreat

Dr. Zerhouni announced that the upcoming IC Directors Budget Retreat is to discuss the
proposed Roadmap initiative. He encouraged everyone to review preliminary materials
and to come prepared and ready to champion initiatives that they are convinced are
compelling. Dr. Kington will facilitate the Retreat discussion.

lll. Town Hall Meeting

Dr. Zerhouni encouraged everyone to attend if possible the Town Hall Meeting on June
18. Stressing his commitment to full communication, he asked that IC Directors continue
to make themselves available to their employees who have concerns and questions.

lV. Information Items

Dr. Kington noted that on October 27 and 28, NIH will host Canada in a joint HIRO
meeting. On the first day there will be panel discussions and other events; and on the
second day, IC Scientific Directors will meet with their Canadian counterparts. Next year,
Canada will host the meeting.

Dr. Gallin invited everyone to attend the upcoming events related to the Clinical Center's
50th anniversary, including the celebration ceremony and picnic on July 9 and the October
14 scientific symposium highlighting the Clinical Center's accomplishments over the past
half century.

V. Laura Lawlor's Visit

Dr. Zerhouni introduced the group to Laura Lawlor, the new Deputy Chief of Staff to the
Secretary, whose portfolio of activities includes the NIH. Ms. Lawlor said that she looks
forward to getting to know the NIH better, and she asked Directors to help her stay up to
date on issues of concern to the ICs and NIH. Several members of the group brought their
respective IC's activities to her attention.

Dale Johnson
cc: OD Staff


This page was last reviewed on August 11, 2003 .

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