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United States Department of Health & Human Services

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Providing grant information to current and prospective HHS grantees

Overview of the Grant Management Process
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The HHS Grant Management Process reflects established policies and regulations and is designed to ensure that grants serve the American public's interest in well-managed grant programs. Specifically, the process ensures that:

  • grants are properly planned;
  • competition is open and fair;
  • proposed budgets are carefully scrutinized;
  • grant awards are negotiated and structured to protect the interests of the government;
  • recipients are given the assistance and support they need to succeed;
  • awarded grants are carefully monitored and adjustments made, as necessary, to solve problems that arise;
  • and conflicts with recipients are constructively resolved

The diagram below depicts the steps in the Grant Management Process and their sequence and interrelationships.

Graphic displaying the major stages and workflow of the grant management process.

HHS Grant Management Process

The Grant Management Process describes the steps related to the management of competitive grant awards. Many grant awards, however, are noncompetitive. (Noncompetitive awards include new awards, extensions, continuations, and supplements.) The process for managing noncompetitive grant awards differs in that there is no requirement for an announcement, and the technical evaluation process is either unnecessary or is significantly abbreviated. The other steps in the Grant Management Process, however, are still required for noncompetitive grant awards.


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