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MyPyramid for Kids

MyPyramid for Kids

Kids Pyramid graphic

MyPyramid for Kids educational material brings the messages of MyPyramid to elementary school children. Teachers can easily teach MyPyramid for Kids by using the classroom materials, including lesson plans, an interactive game, and a MyPyramid for Kids Poster. The fun, colorful MyPyramid for Kids graphic will attract children's attention and encourage them to learn more about MyPyramid for Kids. The nutrition and physical activity messages included throughout the materials are designed to help children 6 to 11 years old make healthy eating and physical activity choices.

MyPyramid materials available from Team Nutrition for middle and high school students consist of the MyPyramid poster and mini-poster and the handout, Anatomy of MyPyramid. Team Nutrition is developing additional MyPyramid educational material for middle and high school students which will be posted to this site as soon as it is completed. Monitor this site regularly to learn about the availability of this material.

MyPyramid for Kids Resources

  • MyPyramid for Kids Poster is a 2-sided poster. Choose the side that is most appropriate for your students! One side of the poster, suitable for young children, highlights a simplified MyPyramid for Kids graphic. The other side, appropriate for more advanced students, features both the MyPyramid for Kids graphic and healthy eating and physical activity messages. This poster is available to schools and child care providers.

  • A Close Look at MyPyramid for Kids is a step-by-step explanation of the key concepts of the MyPyramid for Kids symbol.

  • Tips for Families is a 2-sided handout with the MyPyramid for Kids graphic and messages on one side and eating and physical activity tips on the other. This flyer is packaged in sets of 25 and is available to schools, child care providers, and parent organizations.

  • MyPyramid for Kids Coloring Page is a single page of the MyPyramid for Kids symbol, in black and white, for children to color.

  • MyPyramid for Kids Worksheet is intended to help children track how their food choices match up to the recommendations of MyPyramid.

  • MyPyramid for Kids Classroom Materials are educational materials developed at the elementary school level to help children learn the MyPyramid food guidance system. Lesson plans for teachers are available in three levels: Level 1 (grades 1-2); Level 2 (grades 3-4); and Level 3 (grades 5-6). Classroom materials include the following:
    • Teacher's Guide including lesson plans with reproducible worksheets. Also includes: A Close Look at MyPyramid for Kids, a step-by-step explanation of the key concepts of the MyPyramid for Kids symbol
    • CD with the MyPyramid Blast Off Game
    • MyPyramid for Kids poster
    • Tips for Families
    • Fruit and Vegetable Challenge poster packet (Level 1 only)
    • CD including the lesson plans, reproducible worksheets, A Close Look at MyPyramid for Kids, and Tips for Families. Power Panther songs and MyPyramid for Kids art work and illustrations are also included.

  • MyPyramid Blast Off is an interactive computer game that reinforces the key concepts of MyPyramid for Kids by allowing students to select a variety of foods (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) and physical activity. Food group fuel tanks will help students keep track of how their choices fit into MyPyramid. By not going overboard on total fuel, added sugars, and solid fats, students may reach Planet Power! See what happens when students blast off!