January 30, 2008
IC Directors Meeting Summary — January 8, 2008

Discussion Items

1. NIH Public Access Policy — Dr. Norka Ruiz Bravo

Dr. Ruiz Bravo briefed the Institute and Center Directors on the implications of the FY2008 appropriations bill to the NIH Public Access Policy.  The law would require all NIH-funded investigators to submit electronic versions of their final peer-reviewed manuscripts to the NLM PubMed Central. The bill language requires that submissions are made upon acceptance for publication and made publicly available no later than 12 months after the official date of publication. All submission will have to be done in a manner consistent with copyright law. An implementation plan and timeline was discussed.  

2. Discussion of Inflation and Average costs of awards — Mr. John Bartrum

Concerns have been raised that the current policy of not providing inflationary increases on RPGs will soon hinder the biomedical research, and may already be doing so in some cases. Mr. John Bartrum reviewed recent discussions and policy decisions regarding inflation and average costs for RPGs. IC Directors acknowledged that discussions must begin to identify what the funding goals should be and what policies should be put in place to support those goals, while still providing flexibility for differing IC needs. OER will work with the Office of Budget to draft an NIH Guide Notice to provide fiscal operations guidance for the extramural community (NIH staff and outside NIH). This information will be sent to ICs for subsequent discussion.

The IC Directors also agreed and requested that OB include a five year flat scenario in the upcoming budget exercise to allow NIH Leadership to strategically consider options.

3. Other items

Dr. Sam Wilson, NIEHS Acting Director, introduced Dr. Sharon Hrynkow as his new Associate Director. Dr. Hrynkow is focusing on management issues of priority to the NIEHS Acting Director.


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